Fair and Festival Bubble Entertainment

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I know, bubbles aren’t a new concept, but BOY do we just LOVE them!  Our fascination with bubbles has stood the test of time!
Fairy Mary, who is a Premier Bubble Fairy Extraodinaire, transforms the everyday soap bubble into something exciting and unique for your fairgoers’ pure enjoyment! 

Whether on stage with her Bubbletastic Show or strolling through the fairgrounds interacting and entertaining with bubbles of all shapes and sizes, Fairy Mary is a BIG HIT! 

Bubble Streamers and Snakes

Both stage and strolling includes-

  • Audience Participation Games
  • Bubble Volcanoes and Tornadoes
  • Ghostly Fog Bubbles
  • Silly Foam Hair and Summer Snowmen
  • Bubble Streamers and Snakes
  • Blizzards of Bubbles and Gigantic Bubbles! 

    Bubble Volcano

Every aspect of the stage and strolling entertainment is engaging and interactive with the audience.  And Fairy Mary makes sure that everyone feels apart of the action, from little babies and toddlers, enticing the shy ones to join in, focusing on people with disabilities, all the way up to our extra wise guests (grandmas and grandpas!), no one is left out!

International Bubble Blowing Day- Biggest Bubble Competition Winner 2019

Want to include an extra bubbly cool competition?  Fairy Mary’s Biggest Bubble Competition is a fun new activity to get the childrens’ and adults’ competitive juices flowing.  It can be an honorary win with a quirky trophy, a yearly-competition with engraved names on a display trophy, or a really cool prize that highlights a fair sponsor. So many great options!

Funny Foam Hair

Is your fair participating in a Sensory Sensitive Day or Section of your park?  Fairy Mary has been tested and approved by Sensory Sensitive Audiences.  Special Education Programs LOVE the Bubbletastic Show!  Bubbles truly are fun for EVERYONE!

Fairy Mary uses a special bubble formula that is completely sting-free to keep little fairgoers happy and also has a special environmentally-safe formula to keep aquatic life happy too!

Please visit the three Bubbletastic Show and Strolling Bubble Show videos below.

Thank you for considering me for your fair!


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 Just look at some of the feedback from ONE event!-

“This is the best kids event EVER!’ -Grammy & Brayden  “We had a lot of fun! Your bubbles are bubble-iscous!” -Kristen  “Thank you Fairy Mary!  You are so wonderful and we appreciate you! -Andrea, Jasmine & Colin  “I am having SO much FUN!” -Nadia  “Love it! So FUN for all the kids!”- Brittany  “Lots of FUN! Never knew you could do so much with bubbles!” -Jyo “My son had the best time. Thanks for a GREAT event!!” -Lia  “We had a fantastic time today. Thank you!” -Amanda  “Thank you for the great experience & all of your hard work and patience with the littles!! We had a lot of fun!” -Jaime  “Thank you so much for your invaluable time. We had a blast and I’m the grown-up!” -Jan  “Thanks Fairy Mary for your fun event, my nieces and I had so much fun!” -Shasta   “Thanks for an amazing time. You were so patient with the kids.” -Shankari  “Thank you so much for this amazing event! It was so much fun for me and my son! We had a great time!” -Radostina “Amazing work Fairy Mary, we had so much fun today.  Can’t wait till the next event!” -Ashley