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Do you require a booking fee or deposit?        

-Yes, a non-refundable $50 booking fee is required for non-corporate events, along with the signed booking form/contract/service agreement, to complete the booking process and secure the date and time of your event. The booking fee is deducted from the total cost of the party.

How do I pay for my party?

-The booking fee will be paid via Paypal or Venmo.  The remaining balance is due the day of the event and can be paid with Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo or Credit Card reader. *A $50 service/inconvenience fee will be added for any returned checks.

What is your bad weather policy?

-Weather in Michigan always needs a back up plan. Events must be held rain or shine. In case of adverse weather conditions, outdoor events should have alternate location arrangements. If you need to move your outdoor party indoors, we will discuss entertainment arrangements to suit the new location. (i.e.- we can hold Bubble Play-Time in a garage or carport or we can switch to face painting if you move to a local pizzeria. )

If you decide to reschedule due to rain, you will choose to lose the booking fee. Rain dates are not held unless a non-refundable booking fee is made for the new date. If your event is postponed or rescheduled due to an emergency, please contact Fairy Mary at 530.344.2234 prior to your party so that we can try to accommodate your new date and time. If I am unavailable, your booking fee can be used as credit towards a future booking. 


Do I need to provide anything?

-I bring everything necessary for the Bubble Shows and Face Painting. You may choose to provide your own chairs and a table for Face Painting, otherwise I will bring my own.

How much space do you need?

-For Bubble-Playtime, a big open grassy area is best to allow enough space for children to run around and chase bubbles. Please make sure that there are not any tripping hazards in the Bubble-Playtime location. Fairy Mary is able to tailor Bubble-Playtime to fit inside a garage or carport. 
-For Face Painting, I bring a small 2x4 foot table and two chairs, unless you prefer I use yours, then I bring a cloth to cover your table. I am not liable for any damage to furniture if you choose for me to use yours. I will do my best to protect your table and chairs as if they were my own.

Important: Can I hire you to entertain all of the children in one room/area, while the adults hang out in another room/area?       

-Due to liability issues, I do require that all of the children be supervised at all times by at least one responsible adult (besides me). I simply can’t be held responsible for supervising them. This is to protect you, the children and myself.

What is the timeline for the 2-Hr Combo Bubble Play-Time and Face Paint Party?    

-Fairy Mary arrives 15 minutes before the party starts to set up. At the party start time, Fairy Mary will start engaging the kids as they arrive with bubbles.  Fairy Mary brings out her big wands to fill the sky with bubbles of all sizes and we play bubble games for 30 minutes.

Following Bubble Play-Time, Fairy Mary will then begin face painting for the next 1 and 1/2 hour till the end of the party. This is the best time to offer food, cake, and any other entertainment that you have planned.
I am happy to switch to Face Painting first and finish with bubbles if you would prefer. Please let Fairy Mary know your preference prior to the day of the party.

Can you Face Paint outdoors?

-Face Painting must be located in a shaded and weather protected area. A canopy or covered area, such as a porch, carport, or gazebo must be provided. Trees are not adequate, as the paints need to be protected from nature dropping unwanted items in the paints or on people. 

How do I wash off or remove face paint? ​

-Face paints are best removed with regular soap and water. For fun you can take a damp paper towel to drape across the face, pressing down gently to get an imprint or 'stamp' of the face paint design, then hang or lay flat to dry.  Then to remove face paint, create a good lather of soap on hands and gently rub all over face in circular motion, avoiding the eyes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 
Face paint pigments can get trapped in dry skin cells and may leave a 'staining' effect. This is only temporary and will shed off in a couple days. If you want to remove the 'staining' asap, you can use a face oil, cold cream, olive oil, or other type of skin safe oil to plump up the skin cells for a few minutes and then gently rewash with soap and warm water. For around the eye area, just use oil and warm water to avoid soap in the eyes. You can use an oil dipped Q-tip to get along the lash line.  Remember: Never scrub delicate skin to prevent skin irritation.

If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to Fairy Mary at or Text- 530.344.2234

Photo of Aurora in Upper Peninsula
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